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5 Steps to Feel Better Without Taking Drugs

5 Steps to feel better without taking drugs

Do you feel your life is overwhelming? Are you constantly stressed, anxious, or depressed?

You’re not alone. Millions of people are struggling with mental health issues right now, and it can be hard to know where to turn for the best help.

Don’t worry. You CAN feel better without taking any drugs.

As a clinical hypnotherapist

who specializes in helping people with anxiousness, stress, and getting clear on life goals and purpose.  I am very aware it can be difficult to find the right therapist who offers the best modalities for you to feel happy, joyful, and have a balanced life again.

Your Wholeness mentally, physically, and spiritually

is my focus and approach. Our work together will center on empowering you by teaching you how to manage your stress through a positive daily routine, relaxation techniques, creating connections with your Creator, and positive self-talk, Conscious Language. This helps you regain your personal power in your life and live happier and more fulfilled each day.

There are many ways to get the support you need without taking drugs or even seeing a therapist.

5 Steps to help you cultivate your own inner power and start feeling better today!

  1. Go Out of the House and do what you love doing!  Many people have stopped doing what they love the most. Paint, dance, sing, hike every Sunday, whatever activity lifts your heart and feeds your soul, go do it!
  2. Attend a Yoga Class.  Explore your body moving in familiar and unfamiliar ways. Meet new people, hang out and chat. You will feel amazing, especially at the end of an 8-week class!
  3. Begin Your Day with a Meditation. Stretch a little, brush your teeth then sit quietly and get to know yourself. As you still your body, you become able to witness the mind chatter.  Don’t judge yourself at all, just observe who you are on the inside. What you hear, is what’s bothering you the most. The longer you quietly sit the quieter your mind will become.  *Your mind chatter will get busy and attempt to interrupt your quiet. Fyi, that’s normal at first. Stay with it and slowly the inner dialog quiets and you’ll experience an inner peace and presence like no other.
  4. Conscious Breathing Exercises.  Sitting or walking – notice your breath and expand the depth and length of each breath at least 3, 6, or 9 complete cycles. You’ll notice your body’s energy balance and your mind settle down into calmness and harmony.  Your breath IS Your balance point.
  5. Take a Walk-in Nature. In Japan, studies have shown walking nature for 30 minutes relaxes the nervous system. The Japanese call it, Forest Shower because elements of Nature actually shower your body returning it to a natural resonance with all life. Reminding us on the inside, we are Nature-Beings.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your mental, physical, or spiritual health.

Only your heart and gut feeling (intuition) know what is best for you to feel joy again.

Another way to begin a natural way to improve your wellbeing is with your Free 30-minute consultation. I am here.

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