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Claire Morency Hypnotherapy
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I bought a six session package with Claire Morency at the close of 2021. In each Hypnotherapy session  she skillfully guided me through identifying old negative beliefs and assisted me in replacing them with  positive affirmations and decrees. As a result, I am moving forward with greater clarity, commitment and authority.  My inner knowing of what serves my writing projects has dramatically increased with synchronicities as a daily  occurrence.  The overall experience is proving to be transformational. On a mystical note: the Spirit Guide that I encountered in an early session continues to offer wise council  when evoked. Claire’s Hypnotherapy guided technique is masterfully imparted. You will create together  the intended outcome with remarkable results!

- Joan P. Morency, Author

THANK YOU SO MUCH! My Session was an amazing experience. I felt like I was with a skilled surgeon, assisting the release of some old, unproductive material. In its place, I'm now carrying around my Sacred Family in my heart, which feels very full. And, lots of joy about creating my next Vision. Thank you, thank you."

- Mary Beth Mcclure, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"Claire Morency is an amazing therapist. In my session, she stayed with me, was heartfelt, sincere, and powerful in her guidance. She allowed me to be fully present in my experience as we folded time and I was able to see my outcome fulfilled now. I was able to touch and be present with my unconscious blocks as they transformed into light. I am empowered to move through my steps with ease and clarity, my heart is at peace. I highly recommend Claire to everyone I know who's ready to live their conscious path."

- Dr.Jamine Therese Esguerra Chiropractor

"My Bio-Optic session with Claire Morency lifted a non-verbal unconscious belief system I made as an infant that has been destructive my entire life. And I have been doing many different forms of work and spent a lot of money for over 40 years trying to change behaviors that this belief system was responsible for, not really knowing it was there, with little success at changing it. Claire assisted me to completely change the trajectory of my life for the good. And she did that with professionalism, skill, technique, determination to serve, compassion, and grace. I am so grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I highly recommend working with Claire Morency"

- David Meyer Senior Financial Outcome Analyst

"I have both witnessed and benefited from Claire's gift and ability to facilitate deep personal growth for those of us that choose to know more about ourselves. Her approach is authentic, loving and supportive as she assists you to a deeper awareness of self. My personal experience with Claire has brought about enormous positive shifts in my life that enable me to achieve my highest potential. Working with Claire is the best psychotherapy I have experienced!"

- Janet Noel, MA Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"The group setting (class) allowed for intimate learning. Claire's facilitation is clear with passion for this work. She has the ability to connect well with students and offers assistance without hesitation. Anyone working with Claire is fortunate to learn from her."

- Oshana Biondi Physical Therapist and Owner, Sausalito Healing Arts

I am SO excited. I am working with Claire {Hypnotherapy Sessions} and she has wonderful skills listening for MY TRUE SELF that I was not even aware of BEING WHO I AM. When you are ready to do the deep work Claire is your guide. I had done hypnotherapy in the past and was hesitant to commit. AND I am so glad I went for the package of 12 sessions. The commitment was big for me, also taught me what my hold backs were, and really got clear as to who I truly am and now live free of my old beliefs that did not serve my highest good. It is a life style change that will serve you the rest of your life. BE FREE AND BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

- Reidun Koren

I partook in Claire’s 3-day zoom introduction to” Reclaim your Body and Your Feminine Power Weight Loss Program”. In the last year or more, like many, I  have developed some old, lazy habits in my diet.\ Claire reminded me and taught me some new techniques using hypnosis to assist me in conquering these new, yet old habits.\ I have known Claire for about 5 years, I  met her in an Awareness Book Circle.  I have seen what she is capable of accomplishing in her Personal and Professional Endeavors. Claire incorporated her hypnotherapy techniques reciting affirmations while going deep into trance was a very powerful tool she used to assist us in breaking these bad habits. We know it is not just physical.   If you have some stubborn habits or belief systems not serving you well, I highly recommend Claire’s Hypnotherapy technique and knowledge in assisting you to release them.\ Gratitude…..Susette Hardy

- Susette Hardy, Real Estate Investor

“Thank you for the amazing Bio-Optic reading. Claire's reading identified one of the most limiting beliefs in my life and the one I was currently struggling with in my relationship. I found my voice to forgive my father through a deep spiritual and emotional experience guided lovingly by Claire. I was relieved of the negative feelings I had for my father about several painful issues. I felt more heart space in my chest, I was able to love him more. I gained the ability to speak my truth with courage and authority and now have a practical tool to use in my everyday life. I was amazed, Claire was able to "see" I had "something, like a stent" in my heart. That "something" was a heart closure device to close an atrial septum defect in 2006 after I had a stroke. Wow. I had just met Claire 5 minutes before my reading and she knew nothing about me. Now, that's magical."

- Judy Nicholls, Real Estate Investor

I bought a package of hypnotherapy sessions with Claire recently. I had something specific to work on that was really edgy for me. She spent an inordinate amount of time getting it really clear about all the dynamics and nuances of what I was needing in order to move forward. She then guided me into hypnosis. From there she did her work. When I came out of the hypnotic state I felt a huge weight had been lifted off me. In the following days, what I was personally addressing has taken a huge turn. If you have anything that you want to shift in your world, set up an appointment with Claire.

- Blessing Horowytz, Circling Leader and Guide.

"I had a Bio-Optic Session with Claire and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. She is so clear, loving, present, patient, conscious and so talented. I felt so held by her presence and moved through some big patterns which included love and healing with my mom and family ancestors. She held space for me with so much love. It was divine for me, like entering another world and also very grounding. Claire also follows with a phone call; this helps me so much to know that she is here because I'm still going through some healing after this. I feel like I found myself again and it is a new beginning for me. I'm forever grateful"..

- Sabine Lamourex, Feng Shui / Interior Design

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to bring about a natural state of awareness. This internal attention is used to rewrite negative thought patterns and traumas. This elevates the positive voice we all have inside leading to healthy habits and knowledge of our own self worth.

More About Hypnotherapy
Achieve profound health and healing through the power of hypnotherapy.

What Hypnotherapy Can Do?

Hypnotherapy has a broad set of applications from pain relief to working through negative thought patterns.

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"Hypnotherapy can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviors or to help you cope better with anxiety or pain. Hypnosis that's conducted by a trained therapist or health care professional is considered a safe, complementary and alternative medical treatment." — Mayo Clinic

Clinical Hypnotherapist Claire Morency offers hypnotherapy services in Northwest, WA.

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What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural state of mind with the extraordinary quality of mental and physical relaxation with numerous benefits.

Is Hypnotherapy Right For You?

If you're suffering from anxiousness, emotions related to pain or ready to achieve higher personal or professional goals, hypnotherapy may be a great fit for you.

What You Can Expect?

Clients experience transformative results ranging from relief from stress and anxiousness to personal growth and development.

What Hypnotherapy Can Do?

  • Enthusiasm for Life
  • Build Confidence and Purpose
  • Achieve Business Goals
  • Increase Quality of Sleep

Hypnotherapy can help make lasting transition to a healthier happier you.

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