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What is Conscious Language

Have you ever said something,

and a moment later ask yourself, "why did I say that?"

What if I told you our words are pavers of which we lay down in front of us before we take a step and walk into our future? OUr words map our trajectory in life.

Think about it. Saying 'I can't" halts us on the spot. Saying, "I can" lifts us with a commitment to fulfill our word. Saying, "I'll try" is the same as saying no. Our mind hears 'try' as trying and not doing a thing. We very rarely accomplish a 'try'. These simple examples of language are used daily in our families, communities, and our world.

Our language reveals our thoughts,

feelings, and our emotional patterns. This reveal also tells us when our mind is in conflict with our heart or feelings.

In 2009, I had a huge ah-ha moment realizing the truth of my words and the quality of my life as I read, Conscious Language, The LOGOS of NOW, by one of teachers, Bob Steven. I began to really listen to my spoken word, and later, I began listening to my thoughts. I immediately immersed myself in language and became a Conscious Language instructor.

Our words inform us of our encoded limitation

operating on an unconscious or sub-scious level and can guide us to shift our thoughts, words, and feelings into our highest choices. These tools empower, encourage, and enlighten Clients to remember their own Heart's connection, wisdom, and victorious choices in life.

These conscious choices for your desired changes are the powerful affirmations use while in a hypnotic trance which imprints your true choices into your subconscious mind, the do-er in our lives.

Call today and empower yourself to fulfill your desires.

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