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Claire Morency Hypnotherapy
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I Am Meant For So Much More

Do you say these words to yourself?

"I am meant for so much more."

Do you have a gift you're meant to give, to do, or to be, that is so much more than where you are right now?

In this free 1 hour, 5-day virtual workshop

You will have opportunities to explore where these 'gifts' may be silently hidden.

Reveal and explore language patterns, nuances, and what is actually being said.

  • You will explore sounds, tones on frequencies' and their effects in and on your body and your life.
  • You will explore body language, movement, and what our body jesters are doing for us and really saying.
  • You will explore the conscious mind, subconscious and super-conscious aspects of our mind, and why old patterns still rise up. And, while in hypnosis we will state new uplifting word patterns aiding, and driving your new life choices forward and your desires in your chosen direction.

Watch Day 1 on Youtube:

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