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You Are Not Alone. Love Is Inside of You.

We are each here, during this time of the Great Awakening for a reason, some may know they are here for a purpose. Others may wonder what their purpose is.

Participating in our world's Great Awakening

is a time where we as individuals can be fully empowered showing up as our highest, clear, decisive, poised selves.

It’s a time to learn to be agile, fluid, and aware of what’s going on within the subtleties all around you. Paying attention to nuanced distinctions prepare us for ebbs and flows as events and energies rise and then subside, taking on new frequencies and forms.

This is a time to notice color changes, brightness or dim and heavy forms. Our awareness can serve us greatly, to lean into the Light or promptly step away from the dark.

Human Beings are electromagnetic

We are made up of atoms, protons and neutrons, light and sound.  We are the ones to shine our brightest each day. In doing so, we participate fully and authentically in our experiences and expression of life.

Have you noticed, when one person stands up to dance, the whole room rises and begins movin’ and shaken with smiles? One small lit candle casts a radiant bright light in an entire room! This light is you. This light is me. This light can be all of us!

We all have wounds

which are coming to the surface right now, because of pressures in our world and planetary transits.

We may have fragmented communication or discordant thoughts or impressions, and we may feel hurt or angry. We may feel dull and unmotivated in our lives. And wonder why?

Whatever your situation is, you are not alone.

There are many, many people noticing similar feelings, emotions, reactions, and experiences right now.

In a quiet place

Let these feelings rise to the surface, similar to the Sun rising in the morning breaching the darkness. Let them rise from deep inside and come forward, tears well in your eyes, then free themselves as streaks upon your cheeks.

Allowing feelings to rise like the Sun is your body's natural freedom process. As suffering spills like rains, making way for you to more authentically bloom your unique, wondrous self.

Why more authentically?  Because, the emotional suffering is blocking the real you.

And, there are people here to help you

People here to guide you, people here to support you, coach you and people who are here to genuinely to love you.

To love you enough for you to experience love within yourself.

The word, ‘alone’ means - All One. Hidden inside the appearance of sadness, is it’s true interpretation, reminding us, all are one.

"Before you have asked, I have answered." ~Isaiha, 65:24

There is love so great

you can recognize it in yourself. You can recognize the gift you are to Earth. You can to once again recognize, you've been gifted the gift of life from your Divine Creator/ God.

You realize your connection with your Divine Creator is your One Truth to stand firmly upon. It's infinite.

The One who beats your heart at night and breathes you while you sleep has given you the greatest gift called Life.

Your mission, calling or duty

is to embrace this gift with abundant gratitude and live joyfully, vitally and with a pure heart. Building and creating beauty all around, by your thoughts, works and deeds.

Rejoice each morning, and remember, today is a fresh new day and we are a multitude of blooming flowers in the earth garden of life.

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