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We Are All Mothers

When we love someone, our nurturing energy flows out from our inner wellspring into their hearts. This nurturing love is motherly love.

The word motherly is energy. Mother energy is kind, consistent, continual, eternal, life giving and infinite. It goes beyond space and time.

Loving, nurturing motherly energy

resides within each one of us. Whether we are human or animal, we experience emotions and feel a delicate wave unfurling and amplifying to those we love.

If the term mother brings up unsettled old wounds, expand your awareness, imagining our all supplying Mother Earth, Mother Mary, your Grandmother, and Great Grandmother, continue expanding to Mother/ Father/ God, or to the magnificent Sun's unyielding warmth and light shining upon us every single day.

Omnipresent, giving Love 

is all around us. When we add the magnitude and power of motherly life giving love, we have extraordinary, infinite wielding potentiality. This nurturing motherly energy is in our earth, it's in the trees and the plants.

Motherly energy is experienced deeply in moments of our own self-love, in the quiet moments we take to notice how amazing we truly are. When we acknowledge and Know the Divine spark within.

Nurturing self-love is very important 

as we ebb and flow with the rapid shifts in our lives. We may feel our life 'eclipsed'. This is common during Eclipse season which we are in now. This too shall pass...

When we are calm, content and balanced we can more easily weather the high winds whirling through our lives.

Self-love fortifies our ability to ride the tides of change. I don't mean love yourself, by buying yourself a gift.  The love I'm referring to is nurturing, is calming, is warming.  It is a soft snowy blanket that warms us to depths of our Soul. Imagine holding a little bird in your hand - it's this level of softness and caring to realize.

As we breathe and receive

our own self love, we soften and in this softened place we love and Mother ourselves. Now is when we heal. Now is when we are present to our Heart's enough, allowing feelings to rise and to pour from our eyes as tears. These tender moments are to be cherished.

In this motherly energy, in this beautiful space we embody the fullness of love. More importantly, we embody the fullness of ourselves. As we walk through life, we get to experience the depth of our own love. Our energy radiates this beautiful love every where we go.

Our love energy goes around the world in an instant. One brief thought of a loved one is an immediate blessing upon them.

Today gift yourself

your inner motherly nurturing love. In doing so, your cup will over-flowth to everyone. Our Earth feels your love as you tread upon it. Bask each morning in beauty as the birds sing and the flowers bloom, this wondrous day is yours.

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