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Peace Resides in Love in Me

Peace resides in purity and love and inside the physical body.

Within this world, we live in now full of uncertainty. Our goal is peace for all humanity all life on earth. All animals and all nature.

Peace begins with me. We all know the song. What does it actually mean? How do we really get it and most importantly, how do we sustain peace?

How do we cultivate true inner peace?

Inner peace requires a bed to lay on, a fertile garden to grow in. The garden is made up of purity and love. Purity in our hearts is the purity found when we admire and adore an infant child.

The child's purity we feel pouring out to them in awe and wonder. Our instantaneous instinct to protect them, to care for them to love and adore them is pure and, from within our own hearts.

The love felt as a sweeping resonance

within this purity is effortlessly pouring out of our eyes, of our smile of our heart center of our very essence, as we experience this miracle of life, this child we are gazing upon.

We experience a sunset as art. Within the foundation of the extraordinary sun setting, we know when we awaken it will rise again. We can and do stand firmly on this truth consciously or unconsciously.

The love pouring from us

when we walk into a forest amongst the silence of the mosses and the giant trees steadfast in their majestic posts, forever reaching for the heavens and anchoring deeply in the earth.

The love we feel when we are with our loved ones with no agenda, no expectations in our presence with those we love is love.

So the peace we seek in our world resides in ourselves, in our inner garden of innocence, purity, and love, and when our Hearts feel innocence, purity, and love. Peace prevails.

To Be Crystal Clear

our inner peace is not weak or passive in the least bit. Our Source of Peace is so clear of its Power, It holds the entire spectrum of Creation itself. Of Divine innocence and purity and the fiercest of strength and fortitude!

In order to keep the flow into your physical channels in this peaceful, balanced action, we must begin with peace within ourselves within our own hearts.

Now, when the world feels heavy and the conditions in our outer world seem so unjust and unconquerable, this is when we must hold our attention upon our own Hearts Flame.

Because if we don't, these disruptive thoughts and disruptive pictures will interfere with the flow of good energy and blessings, with our flow of life with our flow of love, and with our flow of every good thing bestowed upon us from our Creator/ Divine.

To Master your attention

calling on your Angels, Guides and the Divine/ God is essential. Tell your mind to go back to your Creator/ I Am Divine Presence and reside there within the Love of your Divine. Then ask your mind, your heart, your Divine Self/ Higher Self to fill everything in your outer self with the feelings of Love, Wisdom, and Power.

Love Wisdom and Power is the Unfed Flame that is in the Heart of every human. And, within is this focus holds the lifestream that is the open door through which the Divine side of life, the Ascended Masters connected with the upper pull of their Octave and can fill your mind, fill your thoughts, fill your feelings, fill your body and everything around you.

It fills your home your community, your city, your state, and our country with Its Heart Flame and with the Love and the Sacred Fire that resides in you.

Secure and guard your mind

with the pictures and the thoughts of purity, innocence, and love. Their peace resides and, where the flow of every good thing has a pure channel to come to you and through you to do your good works and service into our world.

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