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Love Today

The conversation is love today

Within the spinning of the unknown of our world, Valentine’s Day is approaching.

Notice the contrasts of choices we can make every day. Love or violence? Kindness and harmony or judgment and hate?

The beauty of the sunrise appears every day

the songs birds sing are heard every morning. We can look outside and see little green sprouts popping up from the earth, or we can wake up and look at our telephones. and increase our heart rate turn on our mind instantly entering a fragmented mode of what's going on in the news, our email, or social media and miss out on the beauty that can anchor us to experience lasting love and have a wonderful day.

When we fill our mind

our sight, our feelings, our consciousness, and our awareness with love the atmosphere around us and the world respond. When we wake up in our slumber and begin with gratitude and appreciation, we can expect greater blessings to expand. Our energy of Good Will, fill us, and the divine essence in life’s creation ripple of its perfection.

When we consciously ‘intend’ and then consciously be the action of our intention, we are the cause of love and gratitude for all good things to manifest.

These manifestations may range from subtle feelings or inclining to bold evidence appearing instantly.

Since life everywhere expands as time goes on,

the more we consciously participate in love, kindness, authentic heart/ mind coherence, this essence or frequency will become the expansion of our lives.

The more we consciously use our own life force, our light, our love, into our participation in life itself, more of every good thing in our world will expand.

As we become aware of charging and amplifying our energy and expand it, we flood our home, our community, and our world with it, and then let the results be handled by God/ the Divine, by Nature itself, and by Life itself.

We can only gain mastery of anything by focused practice 

This includes love and the expansion of love’s growth from inside of us, known as our Heart’s Flame or Sacred Fire.

While in meditation, have you ever experienced a flush of warmth rise from inside of you?  This is your Sacred Fire, your Heart’s Flame ignition. Not to be confused with a hot flash. Although, it may induce a hot flash.

Pay attention tomorrow morning, notice your breath, heart’s beat, and then your loving Intention and conscious choice for your day.

Focus your attention within the feelings of your loving desire

Whether it be your vital health, a loving relationship, abundant supply, and/ or peace and harmony for all life, matters not. What matters in the utmost is, it be constructive, supportive, and beneficial for all life on earth.

And in doing so, we will recognize only the boundlessness of beauty and love which is within life.

Which is the Divine existence in all things flowing constantly, everywhere.

Our concentrated focus of heart and mind alignment, while feeling love, joy, rhythmic harmony, and peace in each breath is cultivating love and letting the light of love go before us to fill our world and everything around us.

Imagine each breath you breathe as the pebble drop in the pond and its rings continual expansion of your love across the earth.

Light is the gift of love

Light is the gift of love of our Higher Self, the Divine Presence. Our human existence includes our Higher Self. The Wise One.

“For the soul seeks growth; as Truth, as Life, as Light.”

~ Edgar Cayce reading 257-123;

We are individualized Presence of the Divine spark of creation. We have the power of life within us to manifest and we do.  It’s our duty to direct our energy to consciously manifest our highest choices.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

~ Henry Ford.

I know you all know this!

And, it’s worth repeating and acknowledging. Your choices and where you focus your life force energy will be manifested good, bad, positively, or negatively in life.

And when we realize this great Divine Presence is within, we illumine our world boldly blazing the Light of our Love wherever we reside.

Call forth Love. Call forth Light. Call forth Beauty and see Beauty in all things. Beauty is the expression of Love’s perfection manifest.

Life has extraordinary beauty within it.

When we acknowledge Beauty in all living things, we acknowledge Love, Light, and Life itself.

To experience love, to experience the beauty of life itself, it is essential that we flood, love and beauty through ourselves and to all life and the world around us.

Love today.

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