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Joyful Self Expression

What is joyful self expression? If we are made in the image of God, which we are. Our joyful self expression is the Divine/ God living through us.

Our joyful self expression can be expressed in em-numerous ways. Begin with whatever brings you joy, whether it be dance, whether it be playing music, or whether it be art. Including every form of your art and every medium you choose.

Are you joyful while in your live's expression?

You may be teaching, are you joyful sharing your wisdom? Are students eyes wide, listening to each word learning and growing into their own self expression?  Yours may be in science exploring the wonders of the stars as an astronomer. Do you love speaking?  Do you love being in service to others? Whatever your joyful self expression is, is the image of God, as God living through you.

Are you living and giving your gifts to humanity? 

If not, you are the log-jam of your own joy filed self expression.

There are foundational pillars of our joyful self expression; they are our health and vitality, our wealth and abundance supply, experiencing love and being loved in return.

We have been given extraordinary gifts.

Joyful self expression and abandoned self expression in pure joy, in our individualized bliss and our individualized delight is who we are and how we are intended to live.  Some times no words can explain our individualized unspeakable inhalation, and enthusiasm in life.

When we are in the zone, in our magically filled synchronicity. When we live in our joyful self expression, we bless everyone around us and we are giving everyone we contact permission to be who they truly are.  This is where the invisible is manifest through us as tangible substance.  We are creators, our mind out pictures everything we imagine.

If your life is in a lousy phase, slow down and pay attention to what you are thinking about. It's your thoughts you are living.

To change your Health

your Wealth, and the amount and type of Love in your life, pivot and return to your dreams, return to imagining your vitality and health, return to inspired business ideas. Awaken your imagination and really dream again, dream in the feeling of reality and you will begin to live them.

Dreams are our Divine-Self visioning through us.

When we live in our joyful self expression, we are blessing our Creator. We are thanking our Creator, because we are delighting in the Gifts our Creator bestowed upon us as our joyful self expression.

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