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Hypnotherapy vs Talk-Therapy?

Have you ever wondered why Hypnotherapy is, or could be more effective than Talk-Therapy?

The fact is, our mind, beyond the brain, has the past few decades been studied, examined, explored and better understood. And in doing so, our understanding is expanding exponentially.

Many studying this field realize, the more we know, the more we realize we don't yet know. It's so exhilarating to begin to know our mind, become friends and partner together with it to live a happy, healthy joyful life.

We are learning the power of our mind

has the ability to heal our bodies, even of severe illnesses. The power of our mind can see things our eyes cannot, and the power of our mind can absolutely know things, beyond what we intellectually know.

Because, our mind is connected to invisible energy forces that influence our world.

We are beginning to realize how magnificent we are being Human. Our individual potentials are only known by God. "We are created in His Image."

Our mind can be and is our superpower.

Our mind can also be a wild beast, unharnessed, acting as our menaces.

In talk therapy sessions

a patient can gain an understanding of their behavior. This ‘understanding’ occurs at the conscious, intellectual level.  Many people have described talk therapy as having a mental exercise. This type of therapy can often take several months or even years to accomplish a real change in one's life.

In talk therapy, talking about a problem, issues or behaviors over and over, stirring up emotions attached to these issues may actually set the behavior deeper in the subconscious mind rather than clear it and integrate it into the wholeness of our true selves.

"I have personally had over a decade of talk therapy sessions, beginning in my 20's for repeated patterns that were painful in my life. Real transformations occurred only after I began upgrading my language consciously, and participating in subconscious levels of Divine Love experiences."

Hypnosis has been used for centuries

to help people relax and enter a trance-like state. Once you enter this state, access to your subconscious mind is available. The subconscious mind is where all your beliefs and behaviors, positive and negative are stored.

Hypnosis is an education

on the powers of your mind. When you realize your own mental power and begin to witness and regain operation of it, you will begin to have extraordinary positive and supportive experiences in your life. Now your mind is working for you instead of against you.

If you are living in unhealthy, or unhappy repeated patterns you wish to change, your mind is controlling and operating you.

Your therapeutic transformation occurs

directly at the subconscious mind level, which is where the core, emotional event, which lead to a belief is stored.

This means, you can change patterns of behavior into new conscious choices and positively reclaim your mind for your success in weeks or months instead of years.

Hypnosis is an extremely effective tool

allowing access to parts of your subconscious mind that are otherwise inaccessible without it.

In session you'll experience Conscious Language, Body Language + hypnosis and co-create your personal and custom affirmations to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes and feel really good after your sessions.

There are so many different types of therapies available and none of them work equally well for everyone.

You are a unique Soul on Earth

and you deserve to see your magnificence and be fulfilled!

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