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Healthy Source of Vitality

Having a healthy source of vitality is so rich, it's so human, and it is the first foundational stone to stand on as we live our fulfilled lives.

What is a fulfilled life? It's the way we individually carve, create and express our inner-wild, and wondrous uniqueness in the world. Its a purposeful life. Joyful fulfillment is a balance of the four pillars of life which I teach and share with students and clients, they are; Health, Prosperity, Love and Joyful Self Expression.

We the people are intended

to be healthy and live long joy-filled lives.  Living a healthy long life is simpler than we may think. When we live close to the land witnessing seasons, close to Nature aware of its continuum of change, close to our Earth, the sky's mysteries and close to our Creator, It's asking the perpetual, who am I?

Being in Nature for an extended time

we remember who we are; a living breathing man or women, connected with and to our beautiful Earth. While in Nature time stands still, and we en-track with Nature's rhythm and return to homeostasis, peace and calm. Nature is our source of vitality. We feel so good being in nature, rejuvenated and maybe exuberantly worn-out at the end of day outside.

Nature stirs sleeping ideas deep inside, awakening them to be imagined again. Our inner joy sprouts forth, laughter fills the air, as when we were a child. Nature lifts our spirits to the sky feeling our Soul's wings soar once again. We feel free, because we are free.

We move from health into dis-ease

the farther we detach away from our all providing earth and mental harmony of calm in our minds. The stillness of time we experience being in nature, is our mind, body and soul living in the moment, being fueled by every breath, through every cell and directly from our Source of vitality.

Even one or two days away from nature, the energy and image called guilt or worry sneaks into our lives and steals our vital life force.

Fast, processed foods, living fast lives, having too many to -dos and engaging in hours of technology are serious hindrances for our health. We may think they are connecting us to others but in fact, they hijack our harmony and rupture our clear thinking, stress increases and serotonin decreases. Making a path for illness and ill thinking unwittingly.

Did you notice the full moon

in one of it's 13 cycles in the night sky? Going deeper, you can contemplate the facts of more babies are being born, more auto wrecks happening, and the ocean's tide is drawn back 20 feet, sometimes more on this very night?

Without a healthy source of vitality. We become worried about our health. And that is a terrible weight on ourselves and on our family. Mentally, it's a huge burden for our mind and our immune system weakens. Where attention goes, our energy flows and grows!

Our mind is so powerful!

If we really understood this, no-one would ever think a negative thought again! We would stand guard at our mind. We would Assume Command of our Being! We'd take command of our thoughts and direct their support to actively co-create how we choose to live, what we choose for ourselves and our beautiful world!

It's essential we look at what is going right, notice what is good and beautiful in our lives right now.  When we focus on what was good, even something as simple and luxurious as a warm shower,  endorphins fill in our brains and usher in the expansion of our minds. Fabulous ideas do come to us in the shower.

The Realm of goodness you reside in

Be aware of your love for yourself and all others. Witness enjoying yourself and rejoice in your health and the wonders of life itself. Hypnosis is such a huge accelerator for redirecting, focusing, and imagining our joy filled life.

Our 1000 Petal Lotus blooms bigger and brighter every single day. The lotus metaphor of arduous growth and beauty, comes out of the mud laden waters to expand remarkable beauty above lily pads, reminds us of the work, love, tenacity and patience required to be present, and to be human.

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