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Harness the Magic of Your Energy

We have an extraordinary opportunity to recreate our lives if we take the time to reflect and redirect ourselves in meaningful ways.

Our desires for love and meaning include our family, loved ones, and the traditions we’ve created, building solid heartfelt bonds together.

One thing we’ve learned in the past 2 years is media bombards our screens with fears and negative images. These disrupt our brain/ mind and our ability to be creative, inspired, energized, and participate fully in our lives. Studies reveal that negativity drains our energies.

What resources do we have to create you ask?

Your own vitality. Your life force and your own inner intelligence contain the God-given magic ingredients.

If we pay any attention to emotional dramas’ we are feeding drama with our precious life force energy. This is why, we may be feeling so tired, worn out, or burned out and exhausted.

 You Must Break the Habit of Letting Your Attention connect

with destructive, negative ideas and images in the outer world.

Place your attention on your desires and in the trajectory of love, peace, harmony, success, and beauty. Purposefully redirect your power. And, get in the habit of doing so and igniting your own energy for your own use.

Go within and find your personal energy, learn to harness it, and then direct. Create the vision you have for your life, your loved ones, and envision ‘love thy brother as thyself’ as peace, harmony, and beauty on earth.

Harness Your Magic and Break the Habit of Outer Forces

Here’s how:

  • First get quiet and close your eyes. Silence all the outer noise. If you can go into a Nature away from all the city and electrical energy. Your mind and body will naturally balance with the harmonic resonance of the earth. Nature's peace dwells within you.

Sitting quietly, ask yourself; How good can my life become?

See, sense, and vividly feel all the wonderful possibilities available in your imagination. *imagine = I am a gene.

 Create your vision outwardly or vividly in your mind.

  • You are the center of Your Universe. *uni verse = one verse. one word. “And the Word was God.”

Add; Your body’s vital health, your loving relationships, your meaningful, joyful work, and your abundant supply of all good things.

  • Now add; all the elements of the earth. clean air to breath, healthy soil to grow and harvest plants, pure waters to splash, marvel at, and enjoy drinking.
  • Add time for solitude and prayer, appreciate our Great Central Sun each morning or eve, and Thank God/ Creator for the many wonders of Life itself!

Cultivating Life Force Energy Takes Determination

  • Focus all your attention on one thing. A candle flame, an Angel, the top of a tree as it sways in the breeze, your breath, your heartbeat. Pause, get quiet and focus.
  • Now, hold your attention here. When you drift away just bring yourself back, when a thought comes in, bring yourself back, over and over again.
  • This exercise will become easier and easier each time you practice. Not because I say so, because it’s your body’s natural ability to do so.

Your Attention Is Your Life Force

Once all your attention is focused, you will realize, (*realize = real eyes. see clearly) just how much-focused energy you really have! All this attention is your life force in its clear laser-focused form.

You may even notice you can move the candle flame with your focused thoughts. It's really cool to see.

Harness your Life Force

Now in your mind’s eye move the candle’s flame, your breath, or your heartbeat, into your Heart Center. Breathe and expand it in a sphere of light beyond your body, beyond the room you’re in, beyond the city you’re in, beyond the state you’re in, beyond the country you’re in, and see your warm Heart energy encompass the entire world.

Breathe love and light, peace and beauty to all Life and our Earth.

  • Now gently shift your focus into your vision of life.

Here comes the Magic –

with feeling, bring in your vision for yourself and loved ones of love, health and vitality, wealth and abundance, wonderful supportive relationships, and peace and harmony everywhere upon our beautiful earth.

Vividly fill in all the details. Let it expand your vision beyond all the goodness you have ever imagined.

Imagine = I am a genie. Yes, you are!

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