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Everything In Life Is Changing

We may attempt to control it. We may attempt to ignore it. We may also attempt to deny it, carrying on in life as if it's all the same as it was. Some of us are embracing it.

When we embrace change rather than resist it

We hoist sails on our life's charter and catch wind gusts to guide our lives on to our new course. A course we choose. Sails are filled with passion, your compass directed to our goal, and at the helm, we steer with logic and reason, steady as she goes.

If we resist change we are likely to be caught in a storm unprepared for the weather, for the tides and without provisions to carry us through to our new destination.

We are all in full awareness

of the possibility of food shortages, supply shortages, and the great reset hastening forward by a small few. While in tandem, the Great Awakening is expanding by a great many people, beyond what any of us ever dreamed it would be.

In my nearly 40 years as a sojourner exploring religions, spiritual modalities and being beautifully, prayerfully guided to listen to my own Heart, my Higher Self. I now realize, as do many of you, the Real reason I'm on the planet right now. The real reason we are here right now is for this Great Awakening.

To usher in Souls

other's Hearts and Minds into the field and frequency of Love and of Presence.

To offer a showering welcome, known as the Essence of Life. One-Life where we all can notice, and be elevated by being in the presence of another one who Loves, who is love. This awareness bares the realization, We are all one.

"A high tide rises all boats."

Now is a time for us to do practical preparation of our homes and preparation of our hearts to coalesce with our minds and in a continual state of expansion to the Divine God and Light.

Look at the night sky.

We are not alone. Cosmic, Angelic beings are all around us, helping us to recognize our own divinity.  Having vast awareness of welcoming the wonder of what will come forth this day? In blind faith of God Omnipotent. Who will cross our paths this day? Whom I will bless? And in the anticipation of blessings bestowed upon each one of us. "Look not to man, but to God for all answers".

"Yes Love. Love Yes answers all inquiries". ~cem

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