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Create Perfect Habits You Love To Do

Creating habits supporting your goals and aspirations

sound simple and yet, can be much harder to sustain.

We are all experiencing the Great Awakening in our own ways. Let’s harness this powerful energy, direct it into our highest choices for ourselves, our loved ones, and our planet.

The first step is to self-reflect

to review your daily routines and habits noticing the ones not conducive to your ideal life track or your highest choices to live a fulfilling, joyful life.

  • Ask yourself, do your current daily habits or routines support you physically, for daily exercise?
  • Do your daily habits support you emotionally with nurturing self-care?
  • Do your habits expand your mind mentally, reading great books and/or engaging in rich conversations?
  • And, do your habits enrich you spiritually, having quiet time to commune with the Divine/ God?

Discordant thoughts shatter inner peace and harmony.

Discordant thoughts versus feelings and actions are the cause.

When your daily habits don't support you

you can see your relationships slipping, your body sagging, or noticing dullness in the mind. This is all due to an inner conflict.

Your Mind can imagine success being healthy, being happy, and free in life. Peace, joy, and love is your natural state of being.

When your emotional body is experiencing a major imbalance it's sending up a flag for you to pay attention to. What you are thinking, saying, or participating that’s not what you know to be true or right in your own heart?

There are times when your Willpower can carry you. Willpower is your internal tank, fueled with determination which can be a storehouse of heroic stamina when needed. It too requires having inner peace and balance of Heart/ Mind coherence to easily refuel each day.

Outward behaviors reflect your feelings, not, your thoughts! 

  • Being emotionally off-balance, having internal conflicts may be stemmed from emotional pleasure, fear-driven, or avoidance of feelings.
  • Being off-balance may be moral-driven, behaving out of alignment and steered away from your Heart and inner guidance of truth.

Realizations arise

when we get quiet enough to self-reflect noticing ruminating thoughts, experience bodily aches, pains, anger, sadness, or even despair going on under the surface of everyday life.

All of these create an imbalance in your mind and your ability to think clearly. Imbalances also inhibited your ability to digest foods efficiently and greatly diminish your immune responses and overall health.

Let’s create habits you will love to do!

First, examine your current routine.

In your mind or using a pen and paper, write down activities of your typical day. Honestly, write down or bring to your awareness what you do during your waking hours.  Start with the moment you climb out of bed to the moment you turn off the light at night.

This is an audit of your day. These hours become your days which turn into months, then years, which becomes your story of life.

We don’t’ break habits we create new ones!

Today you can rewrite your story. Take out a fresh sheet of paper and fill in a day with routines supporting all your goals. See, sense, feel and imagine every little detail.

What just happened?

You have turned around, are facing forward, and walking yourself into the massive possibilities of your life!

Now Imagine... yourself on a path journeying toward your goals.

What new opportunities lie ahead?

Every thought we have creates a physical response

Your daily habits can lift you up emotionally, energize you physically, stimulate you mentally and sustain you on your divine life journey.

Notice how you’re feeling and how your energy has elevated by thinking of your personal dreams and goals facing forward on your path. See how your life story plays out now.

It doesn’t take any struggle to set a habit and to use it!

It’s comfortable, and it’s perfect for you.  All good thinking, and creative imagination, add more and more goodness into your life.  It’s all pleasure for you. You’ll love to do it!

To catapult yourself

call in your Spiritual Guides, God, Angels, or Divine assistance for assurance on your path. In doing so, this empowers Them to bring Their Light through you.

Remember, awakening good, constructive habits is a team effort and includes Angelic/ Divine individuals working together with you and through you as One.

Together with your Divine Guides you can and will stay the course to experience your extraordinary life.

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