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Be Happy, Healthy and Wise By Listening

Recently I've noticed, a lot of friends, family members and loved ones are getting sick. Several of them have asked me to send them an immune booster and detox protocol, which I do immediately.

What I'm noticing is, when we, people get stressed, whether it's job related, our finances, health related, love related or work related, most seek outside themselves for help. We call doctors instead of getting quiet and ask our bodies what they need. Our body will give us the absolute truth. The absolute best advice, and far superior than any person could ever do for us.

We have grown accustomed

to asking others to tell us about ourselves. Then we get upset or really pissed off when they, got it wrong. In this scenario, we were the victim and we remain the victim.

First step is to get quiet and Know

What is Know, with a capital letter 'K'? Knowing is inside of each one us. The silence is where your Knowing answers reside. Silence is where your answers are.

How can Silence give us answers?

Silence supersedes thinking, making way for our Infinite Intelligence to reveal truth to us.

When we meditate we get really quiet

then quieter and then silent. We have entered another realm of experience, another realm of existence. We can know ourselves without a name. It's here we get to know our true essence. This essence has a presence beyond human name and personality.

This silent Presence, is the Presence of God, the Divine, our Great Creator. You choose a name.

When we are in the Presence of God

in our Divine Presence a 'Knowing' blankets us and it's in this Knowing, that supersedes our human logic. This Knowing knows far more than our human resources have. And it's this Knowing, That is only here to assist us in every way and in anyway!

It's here, so we rely on It/ God more. Eventually we rely on It/ God only.  It's here, we realize how small the human self is and how great the Divine Self is.

We receive this Knowing

information and inspiration in many different forms. It may come as a flash or ah-ha. Inspiration may come as a picture. Inspiration may come as words, not in our own voice or from our own mind, but poured in to us. It may come as a warm rush of energy through our body.

Follow a well lit path

I began by asking God for a neon sign to show me the way!

Follow what sparks your interest, your inspiration. Follow what lifts you up into hope and happiness. Follow what elevates your energy, and expands your feeling of aliveness. Then, run toward it!

How the Divine speaks to you is not important

What is important is that you recognize it as God, Creator, as your Infinite Intelligence as your Higher Self. This IS your resource, the very best, most comprehensive, omnipotent resource you have.

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