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Base Camp for Men podcast interview with Tony Rezac

I had the privilege and honor to be a guest on BaseCamp for Men podcast with Tony Rezac. We touched on poignant and delicate topics, some of which you may not know. These include politics, the pandemic, and my Intent for all people in 2022.

Listen to the podcast here. BCM podcast Link >

Being Self-directed in 2022 is essential

to being authentically you. The Great Awakening requires each one of us to participate, looking deeply into who we are and asking ourselves; "do we like who and what we've become?" When we ask, we review our past choices and the quality of our life and relationships based on those choices. We realize we are making choices each and every day to stay where we are or shift our trajectory onto a new elevated path leaning into who we know we can become!

In 2022 I've freed myself from editing to some people, thinking, I am protecting me or them from my true feelings. Either side of this way of thinking is missing the mark.

Be bold! Join us in our Consciousness, Clarity, and Journey to the Divine

BCM podcast

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