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6 Cues If You Are Being Hypnotized Unknowingly

You can be hypnotized without even knowing it! Here’s how. When you are in a heightened emotional state, you are more susceptible to being hypnotized or convinced of ‘a thing’ because your conscious mind is not as hooked up. You are in flight /flight or freeze and unable to analyze and logically assess the entire situation.

This means you can be hypnotized without even knowing it by fear-based ideas and images the media bombards us with for example. Other common TV images which solicit an emotional response are desire-based ads, movies or social media, and political programming.

Nice cars with an attractive woman or man are intended to stir your desire for the prize, acquiring a hot-looking mate if you own a particular car.  Serious Illness ads are to solicit an emotional response fear-based question of, “could this happen to me?” As you ask yourselves this question, your mind goes to work and creates mental scenarios of how it actually could happen to you. Is this sounding terrible?  Here are the sneaky ques to watch for.

Here’s a big clue to pay attention to. You may already know this, but read it slowly and really take it in.  TV came from the words ‘tell-a-vision’. The question is, who’s vision are you listening to? Be aware, it’s on ‘a channel’ and it is actually called ‘a program’. These terms reveal a loads of insight well worth contemplating.

What is the intent of the vision being programmed into your mind?

‘Guard Your Mind’, is an essential, awareness exercise to do every day! Guard your mind from unwanted false ideas by understanding the ‘play’, similar to a sports event. To understand the play going on in the game of the media or advertiser. Ask, what does the programmer want you to feel and respond to?

6 CUES to become ultra-aware:

  • Que #1 - Induce a feeling of fear, terror, or intense desire.

The first step programmers do to hypnotize you without realizing it, is to shock, frighten and /or create emotional drama that sends you spinning into an unconscious emotional state.

This emotional state stalls the conscious mind sending it and the person into fight/ flight or freeze which releases endorphins that open up channels for implantation by way in your subconscious mind where you the listener or viewer records these stories or events as undiscerning facts. This creates the same feelings as if they were reality happening right now.

  • Cue #2 – Repetition. Notice the words and cadence of language, time of day or night you watch or hear the same thing over and over.  For example, “This could happen to you.” “Don’t leave home without it.”

When you are in situations where your emotions can be stimulated—shock, fear, or desire for example - the conscious part of our brain goes into autopilot while the rest of the mind becomes more receptive to what happens around you without realizing it’s happening.

You the listener or viewer can be knocked out temporarily from what was happening around you at that very moment (think horror movies).

The media’s repetition especially in the evening is an ongoing mantra or chant

that weaves its intended message into your mind. These thoughts or ideas and can begin to sound familiar to the unguarded thinker.

Television ads and media programing are very effective at putting people into a trance-like state, shock, fear and, /or desire are their key tactics.

  • Cue #3 – Authority figure. Notice the person doing the talking. Why does ‘this person’ claim authority, or more importantly, why do we give them authority over our thoughts?  Take a closer look at the intention behind the ad, or program and notice if you’re getting hooked, then abruptly turn it off!
  • Cue #4 – Peer pressure. Are other people doing it? Do other people you know have ‘it’? Do your peers participate in ‘it?” Are your peers parroting the same ad language toward you? If so, they are in a trance.
  • Cue #5 – Continual heightened emotion. Whether it be heightened fear, terror or pleasure the trance state of these emotions begin to land deep in our subconscious mind and the belief of ‘it’ being real can live.
  • Cue #6 – Feelings of Love is void.

Feelings of love for our neighbor, understanding, compassion, empathy, grace, inner peace, and being present. The very attributes we human beings are made of, our love for one another, animals our Earth, and life itself is shut down. If you’re feeling numb from your own feelings of love, kindness, friendship, or from your neighbors, community, and loved ones, you may be in a trance.

TV, social media, and news media technologies all skillfully hijack your mind’s susceptibilities. The 6 Cues listed here identify how social media hijacks your brain and rear up your limited baseline survival selves and shut off from heartfelt human love.

Now take control of your influence with technology and eliminate

the old paradigm of authoritarian, intolerant reacting, with conscious awareness of your true innate ability to ‘love thy neighbor as thy self’.

Being balanced is; being mentally alert, emotionally calm, and spiritually connected with our Creator/ Source, the Universe. Now we can listen to hear ourselves and others speak, learn to know all the possibilities and reason to understand one another’s perspective. We experience and embrace our true nature of compassion, empathy and return to our expression, joyfully living our lives together again.

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