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Happy New You 2022! 5 Success Strategies for Your Mind

Today you can make new years list of what

you’re going to accomplish in 2022. Today you can roll your eyes at such a list. Today you can do the opposite and judge or ridicule yourself for making lists in the past. Or today you can become a new you, by your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.

Rolling your eyes again? Continue reading. 

The year 2022 can bring a Happy New You. It’s more than possible. It’s happening all around us right now as people reinvert themselves and the way they serve and whom they serve in the world.

When you make a new choice, especially distinctly different determined choices to live a new life, your brain and mind jump into action programming these new thoughts exactly as you’ve imagined. Hence, “Be careful what you wish for.”

What trips you up, to slip back into old ways when your list is what you really want in life?

Your mind is always on. Meaning all of the ‘old-ways’ are running through their cycles in your mind. Everywhere around you, your brain sees these reminders, and cues up a series of pre-programmed, habitual, thoughts and activities which automatically move you into action, that can keep the old-ways active without you even knowing it! It is a self-operating trance. Your list of wishes and wants doesn't have much of a change with subconscious programs running your daily activities.

A Happy New You can win over your old ways!

Here are 5 Success Strategies for Your Mind!

  1. Your Intent is real. When writing your list, begin by getting really quiet, turning off all media and sounds in the room. Take a few deep breaths. Silence yourself to the sounds of nature. Bring your awareness into your Heart and belly area. Become fully present. Close your eyes and ask what is my Intent for 2022 and beyond? Pause and listen to your inner-voice.

    An Intent is a jet-propelled idea. Propelled by your energy, your life force. Write down what easily comes into your mind, is Heart-felt, Divinely inspired, and constructive to all living beings on earth. Don’t think too hard, instead allow your hand to write things down without thought. Take as long as you need. You may even be surprised to see what’s you’ve written.

  2. As you re-read your list, pause again, consciously breathe and notice the feelings arise inside of you.  Continue writing if more juicy ideas come up. These new ideas are creating programs in your mind. Your mind may even be communing with your subconscious mind or even your superconscious mind, divine mind, Creator, God. In a short time, you will begin to see synchronicities in your world almost immediately.
  3. Allow the feelings of your new choices in you float around your mind and bathe you in your imagination. By bathe, I mean to the point of a warm blanket draping around you, where curving lips make a smile as your cheeks rise, and waves of additional feelings and images are drifting to mind. Fill in vivid details of your new you of infinite possibilities.  Pause, breathe again, and realize this is your inner power, you are co-creating right now with Infinite Intelligence.

    By being present, by allowing and welcoming the new you to fill your feeling world, While you are sitting in your chair, new neuro-pathways are growing, lights are turning on and you’ve laid down paver toward your new life

  4. Now change your environment.  “When Things Change, Change Everything”, wrote Neale Donald Walsch. Advice taken! You have stated your desires, co-created with the Infinite, and seen your future. The next steps are to change up your current environment to reduce any triggers of the old from being switched on. Do simple things; change your hair, buy new towels, go to different stores, drive a new way to work, rearrange furniture, eat new foods, give away, let go of things non-supportive. Change as much as you can to deliberately live into your new life and become New You. These simple adjustments instantaneously fire more positive neuro-pathways in your brain, reminding you and retaining the feelings' of your intention and heart-felt desires in your mind.
  5. Celebrate! Be self-disciplined. Give yourself hi-fives! Pats on the back! Happy dances in the kitchen and say Thank you to your mind for each success. Every time you catch yourself doing something well, thinking, acting, and moving toward your new you, say Thank You!  Acknowledging your mind is a potent tool in the success strategy of your new life. Because hearing thank you makes you happy! Endorphins are released in the brain and the brain lights up. Thank you’s especially with a happy dance, strength neuro-pathways to the point of their dominance over the old, and you will be living in your new life!

 Happy New You!  Happy New Year!  Happy New Life! Yea 2022!

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